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Company Profile Download

A New Choice of Energy Usage

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Metal Mate is the leader in manufacturing pressurized gas containers in Thailand. Founded by Prateep Nilvichean, whose thirty years of experience has propelled Metal Mate into a leading brand in manufacturing pressurized vessels. Over the years Metal Mate has earned acceptance and trust due to high standard of safety and quality products. Metal Mate client base doesn’t only include Thailand’s leading energy company. It also includes a large international base spread all over the world, including countries in Africa, South America, Europe and other Asian Countries. Furthermore, Metal Mate manufactures and exports refrigerant, BBQ, bulk and forklift cylinders to numerous clients around the world. Our innovation does not end here. We are constantly improving and innovating the cylinder market in Thailand and around the world.

Company’s Milestone

  • 1997
    Founded by Mr. Prateep Nilvichean with over 30 years of experiencein gas cylinder manufacturing.
  • 2004
    Accredited with ISO 9001:2001; EN1442; AS2469, marking the start of gas cylinder exports.
  • 2005
    Began manufacturing automotive cylinders. Opened a branch in Surat Thani for repairing and developing products
  • 2006
    Launched “Super series” (Automotive LPG Cylinders) and received a product design award. Supplied gas cylinders for PTT We increased our registered capital.
  • 2007
    Metal Mate became the first in Thailand to conduct bonfire tests for cylinder combustion.
    We increased our registered capital.
  • 2011
    Metal Mate invested 30 million Baht over the last 2 years to become the first and sole manufacturer of
    CNG Type 3 cylinder.
  • 2012
    Open a repair factory in Bangpla district to prepare and support economic expansion.
  • 2013
    Opened an LPG cylinder factory in Bangpu district to support an increasing demand of exportmarket.
  • 2014
    Further increased in registered capital. Launched a new automotive cylinder under a brand “ VOLL”, and LPG composite household cylinder.
  • Future
    Our strategic priority is to create innovative gas cylinders to improve our customers’ quality of life.

Our Services

Metal Mate has a proven track record of providing Cylinders professional maintenance services, focusing on maintaining safety and quality. To ensure our customers’ confidence, Metal Mate follows the standards set by the Industrial Institute (TIS.151-2539), which prioritizes safety. This requires every cylinder to undergo thorough inspection and scheduled maintenance, including a compression test to test for leakage, cleaning the inside of a cylinder and final quality check before distributing our products to customers.

To ensure accessibility to our customers, Metal Mate has built 2 satellite maintenance service stations as listed below

  1. Metal Mate Company Limited –Surat Thani Province.
  2. Metal Mate Company Limited – Banpla, Samutprakarn Province

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Certificates & Awards

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August 7, 2017

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Domestic Cylinders

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Welded Steel Cylinders

Catalogue Download 

Metal Mate welded steel cylinders are produced with advanced manufacturing. The welding process is controlled by robot overseen by experienced personnel. In addition, every production step has been quality-controlled such that all gas cylinders are strong, durable, and safe for everyday usage. We also make sure that our cylinders and processes are environmentally friendly.


Automotive Cylindrical LPG Cylinders

Catalogue Download

Automotive cylindrical LPG cylinders have been designed in various sizes to fit every automobile type. They are not only safe, but also economical and eye-pleasing. Metal Mate is the only automobile gas cylinder manufacturer that has been certified according to European Standards by the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt or KBA)

Metal Mate leads the market in safety testing. We are the first in Thailand to conduct the Bonfire test to ensure that our products can withstand extreme heat such as that in a fire. Due to our long experience in producing automotive LPG cylinders we are able to continuously improve our products to fit evolving designs of automobiles in Thailand.


Neil Composite CNG Cylinders (CNG Type 3)


Catalogue Download

NEIL automotive composite CNG cylinders (CNG Type 3 cylinder) are a perfect integration of the innovative technologies, using Seamless Aluminum Liners reinforced with carbon fiber. A material known for its durability commonly found in planes, space shuttles, and bullet proof vests. NEIL’s distinctive features and safety owe to its lightweight and strength, which exceeds that of normal automotive CNG cylinder (CNG Type 1).


  • Weight Comparison


    When comparing 100 liters NEIL to a CNG Type 1 cylinder with the same capacity, the NEIL is 70% lighter, and 50% lighter than a glass wool CNG Type 2 cylinder. This is why NEIL cylinder is a perfect choice for an automobile that creates as little obstruction to the engine as possible.

  • Distance Comparison


    As NEIL has been made with Carbon Fiber, the same material used in space ships, it’s superior to CNG Type 1 cylinder made from steel. With the distance driven on a full tank of gas, NEIL can cover 12% more distance than CNG Type 1 cylinder with the same capacity. This proves that NEIL is a more economical choice for cars than other type of cylinders.

Special Gas Cylinder

SCBA Cylinder

Catalogue Download

SCBA Cylinder (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) contains a back-carrying frame, hose, and full face mask. This makes it suitable for rescues, firefighting and other tasks where breathing normal air is dangerous, such as that in a fire accident or chemical leakage. The popular cylinders are made of composite material as it is ultra-light weight and convenient during transportation. (Service Pressure 152-310 Bar.2,216-4,500 Psi.)

SCUBA Cylinder

SCUBA tank is a cylinder contained nitrogen and oxygen used for divers. There are 3 types.

  1. A steel cylinder – Heavy but cheaper compared to other types.
  2. An aluminum cylinder – Lighter, convenient to use, but more expensive than steel cylinder.
  3. A composite cylinder – Ultra-light weight, convenient to use, but the quality comes with a higher price compared to the other two. (Service Pressure 152-310 Bar. 2,216-4,500 Psi.)

Metal Mate Co.,Ltd. (HQ)

555 Moo 2 Putaraksa Rd., T.Praeksa, A.Muangsamutprakarn, Samutprakarn Thailand 10280

  • Telephone (662) 701 1571-5
  • Fax (662) 701 1572
  • E-mail
  • Website


Composite Cylinders for L.P Gas

Catalogue Download

Our latest cylinder is a plastic Liner wrapped with glassfiber and epoxy resin.The container comes with a plastic jacket (HDPE) for protection and impact absorption.

Characteristics :

  • cc_safeSafe:
    100% Explosion proof
  • cc_lightweightLightweight:
    2 Times lighter than the conventional steel cylinder
  • cc_ergonomicErgonomic:
    Simple and practical for everyday use
  • cc_strongStrong:
    Resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions
  • cc_manufacturingManufacturing:
    Requires no heat treatment, shot blasting and painting
  • cc_ecologicalEcological:
    Cylinder is made of 100% recyclable materials
  • cc_applicationsApplications:
    Camping, BBQ, Boats, Forklifts


Automotive LPG Gas Cylinder

Automotive Toroidal LPG Cylinders

Catalogue Download

Automotive toroidal LPG cylinders are manufactured by European-Certified industry robots. We also provide different cylinder capacities based on different types of automobiles. Furthermore Metal Mate cylinders can be integrated with the a Liquid Injection system which helps enhance your driving performance.


Metal Mate Co.,Ltd. – Bangpu Plant

555/5 Moo 7 Thesaban bangpu Soi 69 Sukhumvit Rd. T. Bangpumai, A. Muangsamutprakarn, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10280

  • Telephone (02) 707 8488
  • Fax (02) 707 8488


Seamless Aluminum Cylinders for L.P Gas

Catalogue Download


Metal Mate is the first and only manufacturer of seamless aluminum cylinders in Southeast Asia. Quality seamless cylinders are manufactured according to current regulations and are accepted worldwide. Our product range can be applied to both low pressure gases (Aluminum cylinders for LPG) and high pressure gases (CNG Cylinders for industrial gases).

  • sac_robustRobust design gives this cylinder resistance to cracks and fissures to due a seamless body
  • sac_longterm_profitMajor Long-term profitability
  • sac_approvedApproved and distributed to Japanese markets since 1999
  • sac_lighter60% Lighter when compared with the conventional steel cylinders

Light weight, thermally aged and rust-free pressure vessel. Has a consistent manufacturing process, and aluminum alloy. We highlight its high thermal conductivity and 100% recyclability at a low cost.


  • sac_seamlessbodySeamless
    Body is formed by multiple deep drawing processes to get the smooth body and hot spinning process for the necking.
  • sac_collarCollar
    Plastic collar is firmly secured to the neck of the cylinder by mechanical lock. Providing rigid and ergonomic plastic handles for the cylinder.
  • sac_footringFootring
    Footring for the cylinder can either be welded aluminum or plastic foot ring. Made of same rigid material with proven strength.

VOLL – Toroidal Cylinder


Catalogue Download

VOLL is a brand new automotive toroidal LPG cylinder from Metal Mate which holds a patent for its design. This new design addresses the weaknesses found in old models which have been in use for over 20 years. A Special-designed valve is unique to VOLL, making VOLL one of the most distinctive products in the market.

Distinctive Properties

  • voll-1The 20% addition capacity of the cylinder installed in automobile tire cradles allows more distance to be driven.
  • voll-2Newly special designed package for spare tire cradle after the installation.
  • voll-3The valve for VOLL cylinder has been designby a valve specialist – manufacturing factory in Italy.
  • voll-4Designed the cylinder to fit any kind of cradles and brackets of your automobile.
  • voll-5Use high-tech robots in the welding process to ensure quality.
  • voll-6The advanced welding technique called ArCo Shield keeps the cylinder’s interior clean.
  • voll-7All valves from Metal Mate have been subjected to a leak test.
  • voll-8Enhance the safety feature with ‘Rockguard’, Rockproof equipment installed under automobile.


Automotive NGV Gas Cylinder

Metal Mate Co.,Ltd. – Surat Thani Plant

55/5 Moo 5, T.Tungsung, A.Kanchanadid, Surat Thani, Thailand 84290

  • Telephone (077) 932 690

Metal Mate Co.,Ltd. – Bang Pla

55/5 Moo 12 T. Bangpla, A. Bangplee, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10540

  • Telephone (02) 346 0944-45

Special Gas Cylinder

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Dumpy Cylinder

Catalogue Download


Dumpy cylinders are large, industrial-grade containers, that can have a capacity of up to 210 Kg. (499 Liters), manufactured with specially designed process for large size cylinders using quality equipment along with precise seamless control to ensure a quality product.

In designing a 210 Kg. cylinder for long term and convenient use, the valves have to be welded in precise positions for efficient usage. Though they are bulky they could easily be transported through specifically designed handles for forklift trucks. Designed with a finish that will last through any wet or dry weather conditions.

Every 210 Kg. cylinder has to pass a number of processes and quality checks through the whole course of manufacturing. This is supervised by qualified Metal Mate quality teams as well as 3rd party inspectors for added guarantee and safety.

Product’s Warranty

Product’s Testing

  • Bonfire Test

    The Bonfire Test simulates an actual fire to test the cylinder’s ability to handle high heat to prevent an explosion (See Test Result)

  • Impact Test

    The impact test is a car accident simulation to see if the gas cylinder is able to tolerate the impact without losing its form. (See Test Result)

  • Leak Test

    The leak test is a test whereby every cylinder is filled with 120 psi of pressure and then immersed in water where escaped gas will result in a bubble. This ensures that every tank distributed to the market is leak-free. (See Test Result)

  • Filling Test

    The Filling test examines a valve’s performance in gas filling ratio and an autonomous valve shutdown mechanism 85% (See Test Result)

  • Burst Test

    The burst test is used to test the pressurized cylinders’ ability to handle greater pressure than operating pressures. It involves injecting pressure into the cylinder until it bursts. (See Test Result)