Automotive LPG Gas Cylinder

VOLL – Toroidal Cylinder


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VOLL is a brand new automotive toroidal LPG cylinder from Metal Mate which holds a patent for its design. This new design addresses the weaknesses found in old models which have been in use for over 20 years. A Special-designed valve is unique to VOLL, making VOLL one of the most distinctive products in the market.

Distinctive Properties

  • voll-1The 20% addition capacity of the cylinder installed in automobile tire cradles allows more distance to be driven.
  • voll-2Newly special designed package for spare tire cradle after the installation.
  • voll-3The valve for VOLL cylinder has been designby a valve specialist – manufacturing factory in Italy.
  • voll-4Designed the cylinder to fit any kind of cradles and brackets of your automobile.
  • voll-5Use high-tech robots in the welding process to ensure quality.
  • voll-6The advanced welding technique called ArCo Shield keeps the cylinder’s interior clean.
  • voll-7All valves from Metal Mate have been subjected to a leak test.
  • voll-8Enhance the safety feature with ‘Rockguard’, Rockproof equipment installed under automobile.