Special Gas Cylinder

Special Gas Cylinder

SCBA Cylinder

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SCBA Cylinder (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) contains a back-carrying frame, hose, and full face mask. This makes it suitable for rescues, firefighting and other tasks where breathing normal air is dangerous, such as that in a fire accident or chemical leakage. The popular cylinders are made of composite material as it is ultra-light weight and convenient during transportation. (Service Pressure 152-310 Bar.2,216-4,500 Psi.)

SCUBA Cylinder

SCUBA tank is a cylinder contained nitrogen and oxygen used for divers. There are 3 types.

  1. A steel cylinder – Heavy but cheaper compared to other types.
  2. An aluminum cylinder – Lighter, convenient to use, but more expensive than steel cylinder.
  3. A composite cylinder – Ultra-light weight, convenient to use, but the quality comes with a higher price compared to the other two. (Service Pressure 152-310 Bar. 2,216-4,500 Psi.)