Domestic Cylinders

Composite Cylinders for L.P Gas

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Our latest cylinder is a plastic Liner wrapped with glassfiber and epoxy resin.The container comes with a plastic jacket (HDPE) for protection and impact absorption.

Characteristics :

  • cc_safeSafe:
    100% Explosion proof
  • cc_lightweightLightweight:
    2 Times lighter than the conventional steel cylinder
  • cc_ergonomicErgonomic:
    Simple and practical for everyday use
  • cc_strongStrong:
    Resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions
  • cc_manufacturingManufacturing:
    Requires no heat treatment, shot blasting and painting
  • cc_ecologicalEcological:
    Cylinder is made of 100% recyclable materials
  • cc_applicationsApplications:
    Camping, BBQ, Boats, Forklifts