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Seamless Aluminum Cylinders for L.P Gas

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Metal Mate is the first and only manufacturer of seamless aluminum cylinders in Southeast Asia. Quality seamless cylinders are manufactured according to current regulations and are accepted worldwide. Our product range can be applied to both low pressure gases (Aluminum cylinders for LPG) and high pressure gases (CNG Cylinders for industrial gases).

  • sac_robustRobust design gives this cylinder resistance to cracks and fissures to due a seamless body
  • sac_longterm_profitMajor Long-term profitability
  • sac_approvedApproved and distributed to Japanese markets since 1999
  • sac_lighter60% Lighter when compared with the conventional steel cylinders

Light weight, thermally aged and rust-free pressure vessel. Has a consistent manufacturing process, and aluminum alloy. We highlight its high thermal conductivity and 100% recyclability at a low cost.


  • sac_seamlessbodySeamless
    Body is formed by multiple deep drawing processes to get the smooth body and hot spinning process for the necking.
  • sac_collarCollar
    Plastic collar is firmly secured to the neck of the cylinder by mechanical lock. Providing rigid and ergonomic plastic handles for the cylinder.
  • sac_footringFootring
    Footring for the cylinder can either be welded aluminum or plastic foot ring. Made of same rigid material with proven strength.